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Know College Swimming

Know where you fit and who makes you faster.

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Best Fit Report

Step1: Know where you fit athletically and academically with a personalized best college/conference fit report created by a college swimming specialist.

Profiles + Analytics

Step2: Know recruiting times, team performance, swimmer improvement, roster demographics, academic requirements and more with SwimIntel’s extensive college swimming analytics.

Personal Support

Step3: Know what to do, what to say, when to reach out, and get answers to all of your questions with the help of a college swimming specialist assigned to help you from beginning to end.

Know Where You Fit

The most important step in the college swimming recruiting process is knowing where to look and why. Your highly personalized SwimIntel report matches you with conferences and colleges that are a fit for you based on your athletic achievements, academic goals, and individual preferences.

Know Who Makes You Faster

Discover and analyze colleges from the same tools we use, built on SwimIntel’s ever-expanding analytics and laser-focused research of college swimming programs. Dig deep into team and swimmer improvement/progression analysis, retention rates, and more. Quickly find conference scoring times. Get insights unavailable anywhere else.

Know More With AI

Know if you are on a path to make conference and NCAA finals. Predict your performance at potential colleges using the power of AI. Trained using historical data from 15,000+ college swimmers from 2,500+ clubs, PredictAI™ predicts how you will progress at a specific college environment given your accomplishments and club background.

*Actual performance in college will vary based on several factors including, but not limited to, effort/dedication/motivation, chemistry with coaches/teammates, training style compatibility, academic workload, health, and happiness.

Know What To Do and When To Do It

Choosing a school to swim at in college is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. The recruiting process can also be incredibly confusing.

“Am I fast enough to swim at this school? Why won’t the coach respond to me? Will I be happy at this college?”

Common mistakes include starting the process too late, reaching out to schools that aren’t a good fit, expecting your dream schools to seek you out, and so much more. Know what you need to do to swim at the right college for you.

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For athletes, parents, and coaches researching college swimming

$20 /month, billed yearly

Access to 100s of college profiles
Team improvement/progression analysis
College recruiting knowledge base
Personalized best-fit report

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For families needing individualized help with the recruiting process

$40 /month, billed yearly

Access to 100s of college profiles
Team improvement/progression analysis
College recruiting knowledge base
Personalized best-fit report
Best-fit report AI performance predictions
PredictAI™ performance prediction app
Personal support from a SwimIntel specialist

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For clubs needing an affordable college swimming recruiting partner

No Cost!

Everything in Family
Discounted pricing for your athletes

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