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Find Who Will Make You Faster

Predictive AI and analytics for college coaches.

Find Recruits

Find high school recruits by name, club, event, time, age, etc. Instantly see the AI predictions for each potential recruit through college. Securely share recruit lists with your staff.

Know A Recruit’s Potential With AI

Know if a recruit is on a path to make conference and NCAA finals. Predict the performance of recruits from different club backgrounds using the power of AI. Trained using historical data from 15,000+ college swimmers from 2,500+ clubs, PredictAI™ predicts how a recruit will progress at a specific college environment given their accomplishments and background.

*Actual performance in college will vary based on several factors including, but not limited to, effort/dedication/motivation, chemistry with coaches/teammates, training style compatibility, academic workload, health, and happiness.

Know Your Team’s Analytics

Know how much your team and your individual swimmers have improved from high school through every year of college. Compare your team’s analytics with other teams in your conference and across the NCAA.

Know Club Analytics

Know how well swimmers from specific clubs have performed at college, year after year. Know which clubs have a history of producing swimmers that excel at the collegiate level.


For college coaches needing a single research account

$240 /year

Single college coach research account
Team improvement/progression analysis
Access to dozens of conference profiles
Access to 100s of college profiles

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For college coaches needing research+recruiter accounts for their staff

$1,000 /year

Individual accounts for entire coaching staff
Everything in Research
PredictAI™ recruit predictions
Analysis of 1000s of clubs
High school recruits search
Custom recruit lists w/ analysis
Shared lists across coaching staff

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